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Dr. Sreejith Raveendran

Dr. Sreejith Raveendran graduated with his Ph.D in Bionanoscience with an emphasis on cancer drug delivery and nanomedicine from Toyo University, Japan in 2013. After acquiring his doctoral degree from Bio Nano Electronics Research centre, he was pursuing his nanoresearch in Cancer nanotechnology and targeted nanotherapy through the MSCA-IF and postdoctoral research position at The United Kingdom and Japan.....


Virtual Reality Lab Session: Advanced Upstream Bioprocessing Lecture

February 2023

Teaching students about the parts and operation of a lab-scale Fermentor using VR- Lab. 


PhD and Research Opportunities

Energetic researchers with innovative ideas are most welcome to join our challenging NanoSree Lab.

Interested candidates can e-mail with your CV & Research Plans directly to

Post-Doc position- OPEN!

We encourage outstanding Post-Doc Candidates, who are interested to apply for funding applications such as Marie Curie Individual Fellowship, Newton fellowship, etc to contact Sree directly.

PhD position- OPEN!

Potential PhD students, who wish to apply for docotoral scholarships (like Commonwealth Scholarship) and looking for a host, should contact Sree right now!

Self-funded PhD students are most welcome to start the discussion ASAP to follow with an interview!

Fully Funded PhD Position- Call for applications

Screening of CAR-T cell therapies using 3D microfluidic tumour models

This project focusses on advancing chimeric antigen receptor (CAR-T) cell therapy as a revolutionary treatment for cancer......

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