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My research interests are in Cancer immunotherapy & Cancer- cell biology; developing novel nanoformulations for cancer-drug delivery and chemo-immunotherapy as well as stimulating immune cells and immune response by targeting cancer cells using novel nanoparticles functionalized with immunomodulating agents. My present research targets the development of a nanovaccine for treating cancers by proper immunological stimulation through site-directed delivery of chemotherapeutic agents, immunogens and siRNA. I focus in studying the cancer cell and molecular biology of mammalian cells including cellular response to nanomaterials like autophagy pathway, apoptosis, mitochondrial & lysosomal interactions, immune cells & antibody studies, and immunofluorescence. Focusing on natural polymers and developing novel therapeutic formulations formulations against cancers and infectious diseases is always an area of special interests. My research area is not limited to nanoscience and biotechnology but microbiology, immunology, nano-oncology, cell & molecular biology, 3D bio-printing, nanotechnology and material science. 

Combination Therapeutics

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